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Couverture Cereus blooms at night
Cereus blooms at night
Shani Mootoo
Styles : Roman, Roman
Format : Format de Poche
Date : 11/11/2017
Nb. de pages : 249
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Bold and lyrical, sensual and highly charged, Cereus Blooms at Night is the beautifully written, much-talked-about first novel by Shani Mootoo, one of Canada’s most exciting new literary voices. At the core of this haunting multi-generational novel are the shifting faces of Mala – adventurer and protector, recluse, and madwoman. Related by the engaging voice of Tyler, Mala’s vivacious male caretaker at the Paradise Alms House, Cereus Blooms at Night is layered with unforgettable scenes of a world where love and treachery collide.